GREBEN OS Grinding wheel

Greben® OS is ideal for grinding surfaces, profiles and curves. Using Greben® OS grindig wheel we can quickly and at a low cost change our angle grinder into a belt grinder.

Greben OS is available in dimensions:

  • 75mm x 270mm
  • 25mm x 270mm

For our grinding wheel we offer ceramic abrasive belts ACRA8, 3M Trizact, non-woven 3M Scotch-Brite as well as 3M Cubitron (the Greben OS set doesn’t contain Cubitron). This selection allows you to process all possible materials.

Wheel belts size: 75mm x 270mm and 25mm x 270mm

Greben OS grinding SET


The set includes wheel and stainles steel abrasive belts of various gradation, satin abrasive belts and non-woven finishing belts.

Belts in the Greben OS SET

Greben ACRA8 + Trizact 237AA + Scotch-Brite SC-BS

Greben ACRA8

  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 120

Trizact 237AA

  • A16 – P1200
  • A30 – P600
  • A65 – P280

Scotch-Brite SC-BS

  • Amed
  • Avfn

Easy to use

Fits most angle grinders, straight grinders both electric and pneumatic.

Quality made in Europe

The whole tool is made in Poland.

Inflating the wheel

The kit includes a valve and a nozzle for easy pumping.